Monday, November 7, 2011

Kendyl Turns 2!

On September 24, my little miss priss turned 2! I can honestly say my life has not been the same since she arrived. She is the funniest little thing and she is always into something. We can't turn our backs for a minute. She is starting to talk now which is so cute and funny. She loves babies and her "bubba" aka Grayson. Growing up I always imagined having a little girl and she is exactly what I would have asked for in a daughter. She's headstrong, smart and sassy!! 2 years old, I can already tell she is not going to let anybody push her around. I love it :) 

Sweet baby Kendyl
We had Kendyl's birthday party at our house on September 24. We borrowed a bounce house from our buddies, the Maroneys. We just had a few friends over and they all played outside. The party was a ladybug theme so we had ladybug cake and cake balls and lots of other snacks. She was a little cranky by the time we got around to the cake and presents. But...I think she had a great time and enjoyed partying with her friends.

Balloon "swag" I made from pinterest.

Kendyl loves bubbles

Ladybug cake and cake balls made by the fabulous, Courtney Reames

Not happy...

Mom and dad with the birthday girl

Riding on her Dora 4-wheeler

Napping in her ball pit after the festivities

Grayson Turns 5!

On September 21, my first born turned 5 years old!! I really can't believe it. So many people have told me to cherish these days because they go by fast and that is so true. It seems like he was just born. And...the sad thing is I am already forgetting some of the cute little things he did when he was younger. He has truly grown to be the sweetest little boy and the best big brother. He is so kind-hearted and cares so much about other people's feelings. He also has a huge imagination and an extensive vocabulary. He really amazes me with all things he comes up with. He has brought us so much joy over the last 5 years. 

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. My mom took this of the Grayson and me a few days after we came home from the hospital. I think he looks so sweet here!

We had Grayson's birthday party at Gymnastics Sports Center on September 17. He had been talking for 6 months about wanting a dinosaur party so that is what we did. He had a great time. His favorite part was getting a "medal" for being the birthday boy! 

Grayson and one of his best buddies, Carly!

Jumping on the trampoline

Blowing out the candles on his dinosaur cake!

Opening presents

Gummy dinosaur favors

I had to post a picture of the cupcake toppers I made. I was pretty proud of them.

Lovin' Fall!

Okay. So...I've been really bad and have not updated this thing in a while. I'm skipping over summer and just moving straight to fall! I'm not sure if anybody actually reads this or not but I'm going to try to be better with my updates. I love fall for many, many reasons.  I love the cooler temperatures and the fact that it is a little more socially acceptable to wear stretchy pants and sweatshirts. I also love it because every month has something fun going on. I kick off September with both of my children's birthdays and then we move into October and celebrate Halloween and then, of course, we have Thanksgiving in November. By then, my stretchy pants aren't quite as stretchy as they were in September. Anyway...another added bonus is, if the Rangers are doing good, we have post-season Rangers action which is great!! So...those are a few reasons I love the fall!

Wonderful Fall Season images
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