Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Pictures

Last weekend my mom took Grayson and Kendyl to get their pictures made for Easter. They were done by Maitlen Photography and I thought they turned out really cute. Here are the proofs!

School for Little People Anniversary Celebration

On April 12, Grayson performed in his 3rd SLP Anniversary Celebration. All of the kids were different animals. Grayson was a crocodile. They all had to bring a shirt that is the color of their animal and then they decorated them. When Mrs. Maxwell asked what the crocodile does, Grayson had to "wiggle his hips." He practiced wiggling his hips for weeks!! All of the kids did such a great job and were so cute!!

Wiggling his hips!

Of course, Kendyl wouldn't cooperate for a picture but Grayson sure makes a cute crocodile!

Junior League Easter Egg Hunt

On April 10th, the League hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for all the little ones. Grayson and Kendyl had a great time finding the eggs and eating cookies. The Easter bunny even showed up! Of course, Grayson loved it but Kendyl did not want to go anywhere near it. We have decided Easter may be Grayson's favorite holiday. He has been counting down the days until Easter and wanting to hide eggs in the backyard everyday since we went to the egg hunt! 

  Grayson with his eggs!

Kendyl found a pink egg!

Grayson with the Easter bunny!

 Kendyl not enjoying the Easter bunny!

Grayson looking through Kendyl's basket.

Kendyl and Katelyn

Digging into their candy

We tried to get some good pictures of the two of them together. It didn't work. Kendyl did not want Grayson touching the eggs so she would take them and move every time he came near her.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting Muddy!!

So...last year, my friends had this wild idea that we should all participate in the DFW Mud Run to raise money for MS. I'm not a huge fan of running and I really don't like to be wet or muddy. So...this is definitely not my style. But, after a couple of margaritas they convinced me to do it. So...last year was my first attempt at the Mud Run and while I was doing it, I thought it was absolutely horrible and I thought I was going to die on more than one occasion. But...I survived it and when I was finished, I felt like I had really accomplished something. So...when it got brought up again this year, I was a little more willing. So...on April 9 Jen, Caleb, Blake, Ranea, Jesse and me all got up and got muddy. It is a 10k course with around 30 different obstacles in the mud, of course. They added a few new obstacles this year. We had to literally swim the width of the Trinity River and then crawl on our hands & knees through this muddy swamp. While we were in the swamp a lady screamed that a snake was in the water (ugh!!!). We scaled this big cargo net and did a plunge into a 7 foot mud hole. So...needless to say, by the end we were all pretty muddy!! But...I must say, this year was WAY better than last year. I ran most of the course and finished in 2:04. I think that is about 30-45 minutes faster than I finished last year. I felt so much stronger on the obstacles too! And...I beat Jesse!! That's my favorite accomplishment, I was ahead of him almost the whole race! Woo Hoo!! I finished #191 out of 710 women. And #568 out of 1,375 overall. 

Caleb, Blake, Jesse, Jen, Me, Ranea...Pre-Race
Jesse (blue shirt) and me (purple shirt) mid-race...on the low crawl
These came from the website so they're hard to see but you can tell it's nasty!


Post Race