Tuesday, March 22, 2011

T is for T-Ball

The day we found out we were having a boy, Jesse's first comment was that he was going to be a baseball player. His nursery was a baseball theme and his big boy room is also done in baseball. And...his middle name is Michael which Jesse says is because of Michael Young who plays for the Texas Rangers (but it's actually my dad's middle name so he's actually named after my dad). Anyway...baseball is supposed to be in my son's blood so yesterday was a milestone day for us -- Grayson's first t-ball game. He, of course, plays for the Texas Rangers. And Jesse is, of course, the coach. Needless to say, watching 13 4-year-olds attempt to play any organized sport is going to be comical and it was. I hated to break this to my husband but I'm not sure if my son is going to be drafted to the Majors just yet. I know we have a few years to get there so maybe the skill and interest of the game will come with time. He seemed a lot more interested in his cheering section and eating dirt on second base than he did with the actual game. But...it was all rather humorous and a good first attempt!! Go Grayson and Go Rangers!!

I would like to know when my son became old enough to play sports!! It is too soon for this.

 Jesse helping Grayson with his swing. One sock up, one sock down...that's how we roll!

And he swings! But...he ran to the pitcher's mound instead of first base! Ha ha. 

 Making sure his fans are paying attention before he bats!

 Looking handsome in the dugout!

 Getting ready to high-5 the Angels after the game. 

 1... 2... 3....GO RANGERS!!

 Post-Game: Grayson & Dad!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring (Break) Fever

I have really disliked all of the cold weather we had this winter and was really over the snow but that didn't stop us from heading to Colorado for Spring Break! A friend of ours purchased a ski trip to Telluride at the Christmas Magic Auction (Thanks Chris!!) and we decided to join them. The drive there was pretty long and boring. During our drive across the entire state of New Mexico, I saw only 3 interesting things: a man walking down the highway in a cardboard hat, an exit for Topless Country, and a billboard advertising Hillbilly Figurines. But...once we got there we had a great time. We stayed in a 5 story condo (with heated floors!) in Mountain Village and ate non-stop! As much as love my kiddos, it was nice to just be with adults and relax. I definitely needed it! I actually didn't end up skiing at all but opted to sit inside with the Jen and Ranea and sight see through Telluride. 

Some fun things I did on my trip:
  • Went to an amazing open house that was only $2.6 million. (So...that's going to be my next purchase)
  • Ate the best pizza ever
  • Learned there are a lot of hippies in Colorado that speak in one word sentences
  • Learned the Duggy
  • Ran 3 miles at 9,000 feet (not fun but felt like an accomplishment)
  • Set up my amazing March Madness bracket
  • Beat Jen at Skip Bo

Jen, Amanda, Ranea and me on our 13 hour road trip in the girls' car! 
We jammed to everything from Justin Beiber to 2Pac!

 The view from our balcony...amazing!!

 A view of the city of Telluride from the gondola. 

 My "knee tracks" that were created as I crawled to the side of the road during my skiing attempt!

Chris and Jesse skiing....they were much better than me :)