Monday, June 13, 2011

Easter Festivities

We had a great Easter weekend. It was very busy but a lot of fun. Jesse turned 31 years young on Friday so we celebrated in style by eating dinner at Randal's and then playing some bingo at Super Bingo!! Woo Hoo!! We didn't win any money but we had fun so that's the important thing!

 Jen and me getting ready to win big money on our bingo machines!! We missed the old school dobbers but it was kind of fun being high!

On Saturday, Colonial held its first Easter Egg Drop. They had a helicopter that dropped 35,000 eggs into the field behind the church. Grayson had a great time scrambling for eggs! Kendyl just sat on the ground and took her shoes off.

After the Easter egg drop we headed to Kohen's 5th birthday party at the Roller Plex. Everybody had lots of sugar and Grayson attempted to skate for the second time. He did do better this time than the first time so I guess there is improvement! We had a great time at his birthday and then went home for the kiddos to take naps. 

On Saturday afternoon we dyed Easter eggs. Of course, Grayson loved that!  

 Saturday evening I sponge rolled Kendyl's hair for the first time. She actually sat still long enough to let me do it. I think she knew she was going to look pretty!

Looking through their Easter baskets on Easter morning! 

Family picture after church

I tried to get the two of them together but I can never get them to both look at me at the same time!

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