Friday, April 22, 2011

Junior League Easter Egg Hunt

On April 10th, the League hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for all the little ones. Grayson and Kendyl had a great time finding the eggs and eating cookies. The Easter bunny even showed up! Of course, Grayson loved it but Kendyl did not want to go anywhere near it. We have decided Easter may be Grayson's favorite holiday. He has been counting down the days until Easter and wanting to hide eggs in the backyard everyday since we went to the egg hunt! 

  Grayson with his eggs!

Kendyl found a pink egg!

Grayson with the Easter bunny!

 Kendyl not enjoying the Easter bunny!

Grayson looking through Kendyl's basket.

Kendyl and Katelyn

Digging into their candy

We tried to get some good pictures of the two of them together. It didn't work. Kendyl did not want Grayson touching the eggs so she would take them and move every time he came near her.

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